Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I re-wrote my artist statement not too long ago and thought I'd post it here for posterity. So here's why I do what I do: 

As an artist I find myself entirely drawn to and fascinated by the purely ornamental and its interaction with the world around us. The infinite repetition of a pattern or how it can effortlessly change over time can create a life of its own. Sweeping arabesques form a rhythm and movement on a simple geometric substrate, dancing across the space it occupies, becoming almost magical. These dances relate to the cultural and can often represent the “Other,” whom we may never really know. For myself, my work becomes an act of curiosity, exploring the possibilities and techniques of this “other.” I hope to explore and play by becoming a mad scientist of sorts, mixing paints and using traditional methods such as silver point. While I will use some rudimentary tools, I aim to create a certain sense of spontaneity and personal connection to the work through free hand drawing. This act of carefully drawing my patterns also serves a cathartic purpose, an almost yogic experience through isometric muscle control and determination, transporting myself from an immersion in the mundane to a transcendent state.  

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