Monday, September 23, 2013

Why go to art school?

Via an article on Hyperallergic I asked myself the question WhyDidYouGoToArtSchool? the other day... and I do have an answer for that. You see one of my professors asked us, in beginning drawing I think, why were we there? Was it because college is just what you do and we hadn't thought to question that progression? Was it because we were truly drawn to art education? What was our reasoning? I had trouble answering the question at the time, but after consideration I did have some answers, although not a lot of confidence to back it up. Now that more time has passed, and I revisit the question, I can say it with certaintly and a few more anecdotal details: 

As for college in and of itself - I think I did largely go because, in my family, that's what you did. Being aware of that fact at least made me be cognizant of my time, add the financial burden that landed on me in order to stay there, and I made an effort to make use of the resources that were available to me at school. I specifically chose to go to a university for the breadth of subject matter and because I am not inherently a competive person; which from my understanding was a necessary trait to succeed in the more specific art schools. 

Why Art though? I found while considering another major that I couldn't stand the thought of not making art for one. When I expressed hesitation about being good enough at art to explore it professionally, I received the answer of "that's why you go to learn - you study and train to become better." Finally, I was very very frustrated with my art, I couldn't give it up but at the same time the only feedback I felt I got was praise - even though I was dissatisfied with the work myself - so I 
needed a more constructive, transformative environment in which to seek out a new direction.

I felt I found that, and I am ever grateful for it - therefore I don't regret my decision, but I wonder what other people have to say for their decisions... I'll be keeping an eye on that tumblr. 

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